March 2016: Daniel Pujol on Lust For Life – Keepers Record Club

March 2016: Daniel Pujol on Lust For Life

Lust for Life

Recorded over the span of eight days in Berlin at the Hansa studio in 1977, Lust for Life was the second solo record by Iggy Pop and his second collaboration with Davie Bowie as producer.

Seen generally as more of an Iggy Pop record than the heavily Bowie-influenced The Idiot (released earlier that year), Lust for Life is the product of Iggy’s lack of sleep having stated “See, Bowie’s a hell of a fast guy…. I realized I had to be quicker than him, otherwise whose album was it gonna be?”

Iggy’s most successful commercial release to date, Lust For Life was packed with his rock ‘n’ roll styling including timeless tracks, “Lust for Life”, “The Passenger”, “Success” and…let’s be honest: the entire record!

Daniel Pujol presents this Iggy classic for our March record with liners reflecting on its personal impact and the unique being among us mere mortals Iggy Pop.

Also spotlighted this month is Pujol’s newly release EP Kisses, an arrangement of new songs mixed with poems by Pujol spoken over incredible rock arrangements, all segued and sequenced into one of the most cohesive EPs this author has heard.

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