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Coco Hames: songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, collaborator, band leader…

March 24, 2017

Coco Hames: songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, collaborator, band leader.

Best known as frontwoman for the LA-based garage-pop combo The Ettes, Hames along with her group released five critically-acclaimed records, leaving a lasting impression on the underground scene of the aughts.

Following a breakup of the band in 2011, Hames, now relocated to Nashville, shifted her focus away from music for a time, though not entirely. In the in-between then and now time, her songs found their way onto the soundtracks for ABC’s Nashville and Disney’s Wander Over Yonder. In early 2011 Hames and Greg Cartwright paired up as The Parting Gifts for Strychnine Dandelion. And in 2015 Hames joined the touring line-up of the New Pornographers in support of their release Brill Bruisers.

A year later in the summer of 2016 Hames began working on her solo debut, back in Nashville with album co-producer Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Hurray for the Riff Raff) and enlisting some of her longtime friends, including Jack Lawrence, Julian Dorio, Dave Amels, and Adam Meisterhans.

“Working with a totally different crew of players with no limits… it was like a dream,” says Hames. “Or something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory—I was able to let my imagination totally run wild. Anything I wanted, we could do… and we did.”

In addition to Coco Hames as the record of the month, Hames will share with us her top influences, the records that have influenced her sound and the ones she holds dear.

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The Ettes

The Parting Gifts

On Tour with The New Pornographers


Coco Hames

March 24, 2017

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