October 2017: The Creation – “Action Painting”

September 27, 2017

The Creation’s career in the 60s burned like a flashbulb – bright for a moment and then suddenly out again. Turmoil in the band rooted in lack of commercial success and frequent lineup changes ended its life quickly, but not without the release of rock and psychedelic influenced music. Although the band’s activity lasted only from 1966 to ’68, it still became influential after its life. Jimmy Page would adopt the signature guitar bowing of The Creation’s guitarist Eddie Phillips, and The Creation song titles would later be used by unrelated projects. Although now nearly two decades ago, the band was brought into pop culture in the 90s as its song “Making Time” was used in the Wes Anderson film ”Rushmore.”

Drawing its name from a visual art style, “Action Painting” reflects The Creation’s sporadic creation of art during the instrumental break of “Painter Man.” The concept of action painting is associated strongly with the abstract expressionist movement and gained a prominence in the 1940s that it maintained until the early 60s. Harold Rosenberg, a writer and art critic at the time, described a shift in how art is created – instead of being a place for objects to be expressed, a canvas was an arena. Rather than creating art with an intended outcome, the process of creating art was the focus and the resulting image arose from this encounter of artist and canvas.

Connecting The Creation to this artistic movement brings to the forefront the band’s animated sound, emphasizing the movement of its songs and the band’s visual art creations. “Action Painting” compiles remastered versions of the band’s entire studio recorded discography, giving new life to a band that was full of potential but came shy of massive commercial success.

In The Box

  • The ultimate 2 LP ‘Action Painting’ comp of Creation recordings ’66-’68 from Numero Group
  • Include The Creation History Book with rare photos, band essays and more
  • Keepers ROADMAP featuring Creation influencers and disciples alike

Join by October 15th to get it.



  1. Making Time
  2. Hurt Me If You Will
  3. I’m Leaving
  4. Work All Day (Sleep All Night)
  5. Going Down Fast
  6. Try And Stop Me


  1. Painter Man
  2. Life Is Just Beginning
  3. The Girls Are Naked
  4. Bonie Maronie
  5. Uncle Bert
  6. Biff, Bang, Pow (stereo)


  1. How Does It Feel To Feel (US version – stereo)
  2. For All That I Am (stereo)
  3. Can I Join Your Band (stereo)
  4. Through My Eyes (stereo)
  5. Nightmares (stereo)
  6. Sweet Helen


  1. If I Stay Too Long (stereo)
  2. Tom Tom (stereo)
  3. Midway Down (stereo)
  4. I Am The Walker (stereo)
  5. Ostrich Man
  6. How Does It Feel To Feel (UK version – stereo)

September 27, 2017

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