The Keepers Story

Growing up as a kid of the 90s, listening along to my parents vinyl collection I learned early on to appreciate the act of attentive listening. I'd pour over the extra large artwork, turn over the sleeves, squint at the liners, but I'd be there. Right there. Just listening.

It was like making friends. You just want to learn what's they're all about. This was where my tastes, and more importantly my appreciation of music began to take shape.

The ritual of turning over sides, learning how to clean the vinyl...immersed in the interaction with the physical form of the music I could feel so deeply - it all made a powerful impact.

After college, years later and after much digital distraction, in the mid-aughts I decided to stick around Athens, GA and become one with the local music scene. This included many a trip to Wuxtry and Schoolkids (RIP) record stores. It was here my love for vinyl remerged and soon I began collecting and connecting with other collectors.

But something was missing.

After years of collecting it occurred to me it sure would be nice if there was a resource that could spotlight a great record, but also show collectors what records and artists to check out next. Think of it as 'You may also like' but with an actual human touch. Like a library's reference desk all your own.

And so, after beginning with artist-curated selections, Keepers was born and became the club that shows you were to go next.

Our Mission

How do you fall for a record? Sometimes it comes to you easy: at a show, on the stereo in the store, or through a blind set-up by a friend. Other times it takes work: repeated listens, endless crate digging, or a passing playback that finally clicks.

Your record collection is an extension of you, yes. But there are a lot of ways you can get your music. And as easy as it is nowadays to pull up just about any piece of music on the planet, it’s the tried and true recommendations that still have the strongest effect on all of us.

Our mission at Keepers is to provide thoughtful monthly recommendations of records across the spectrum, each paired with a guide on where to go next. So head first into the deep end and find new music to fall for!

Expand your collection and discover new favorites

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