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A record is like love. It can sweep you away unexpectedly or become a passion you must see through.

But how do you fall for a record?

Sometimes it comes to you easy: at a show, on the stereo in the store, or through a blind set-up by a friend. Other times it takes work: repeated listens, endless crate digging, or a passing playback that finally clicks, years down the line.

Your record collection is an extension of you and your personality…true. But the point is there are a lot of ways you can get your music. And as easy as it is nowadays to pull up just about any piece of music on the planet, it’s the tried and true recommendation that still holds the strongest pull for all of us.

Our goal at Keepers is to provide you thoughtful monthly selections each paired with a guide on where to go next. On top of that, you'll be receiving records from all across the spectrum of genres.

Head first into the deep end. Are you ready?

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