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KRC Interview: Eric D. Johnson

You’ve got some history with the Red Red Meat guys. Yeah! For a few years I played in an early lineup of the band Califone, which was the band that sprang from the ashes of Red Red Meat in the late 90’s. I was this fairly shy, unambitious 23 year old who was not part…

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KRC Interview: Mike Krol

Mike Krol is one of the newest additions to the acclaimed Merge Records roster. Coming from Milwaukee (via New York via Los Angeles) it took an escape to New York to appreciate much about his hometown, most notably the power of the Violent Femmes self-titled debut. After a blistering performance in Ottawa earlier this month, Krol…

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KRC Interview: Michael Lerner

Michael Benjamin Lerner, the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter behind TELEKINESIS, is our esteemed curator for the month of June, spotlighting Pavement’s Brighten the Corners LP. This past September saw the release of his fourth and latest album, Ad Infinitum: a noted departure from his power pop roots into a more synthesized realm of analog keyboards and…

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KRC Interview: James Toth

James Toth curates May with Bruce Langhorne’s 1971 soundtrack to the Peter Fonda film, The Hired Hand. Toth writes, “If discussions of records as “snapshots” are cliché, The Hired Hand is a painting: its brush strokes are visible but the particular set of cosmic, spatial, and metaphysical circumstances that summoned it into creation are most…

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KRC Interview: TW Walsh

Following his 2011 record, Songs of Pain and Leisure, TW Walsh “spent 18 months with a mysterious, debilitating illness, got interested in eastern mysticism, and started thinking about new ways to bring classic music production techniques together with modern technology.” With his latest, Fruitless Research, Walsh enlisted the help of Yuuki Matthews (The Shins, David…

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6 Questions with Daniel Pujol

Daniel Pujol is his own musician. Prolific in his output, he leaves his senses open; receptive to the encounters, ideas and music that come into his life naturally. This month Pujol presents Iggy Pop’s 1977 Lust for Life LP as the record of the month, highlighting in his own words its personal impact and legacy. Leading…

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