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November 2017: Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile – “Lotta Sea Lice”

Oct 24, 2017


We ran into each other on the road in various continents and talked about the recordings. I guess it wasn’t till i had another tour booked for the following summer in Australia that we thought we should record as much as we can, no major goal to make it a full length but it came together that way because the vibe was so strong. I love working with Courtney, the collaboration was laid back with less pressure. – Kurt Vile

Side A

  1. Over Everything
  2. Let it Go
  3. Fear is Like a Forest
  4. Outta The Woodwork


  1. Continental Breakfast
  2. On Script
  3. Blue Cheese
  4. Peepin’ Tom
  5. Untogether

Lotta Sea Lice Packaging

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Lotta Sea Lice, the album that Barnett and Vile made together, is a total hangout album. It’s a lazy-afternoon back-porch sort of album.Stereogum

…a testament to how two artists can finish each other’s sentences even as they live worlds apart.Pitchfork

Lotta Sea Lice’s existence in the first place, not to mention its sheer quality, testifies to one reassuring, humanistic way to kickstart the process: Find a buddy on your wavelength, and take a listen to what’s in their headphones.The Atlantic

Barnett and Vile’s chemistry together is undeniable, and not only does Lotta Sea Lice sound as fun to listen to as it must have been to make, but it stands as one of the best collaborative rock albums in recent years.Consequence of Sound

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October 2017: The Creation – “Action Painting”

Sep 27, 2017


The Creation’s career in the 60s burned like a flashbulb – bright for a moment and then suddenly out again. Turmoil in the band rooted in lack of commercial success and frequent lineup changes ended its life quickly, but not without the release of rock and psychedelic influenced music. Although the band’s activity lasted only from 1966 to ’68, it still became influential after its life. Jimmy Page would adopt the signature guitar bowing of The Creation’s guitarist Eddie Phillips, and The Creation song titles would later be used by unrelated projects. Although now nearly two decades ago, the band was brought into pop culture in the 90s as its song “Making Time” was used in the Wes Anderson film ”Rushmore.”

Drawing its name from a visual art style, “Action Painting” reflects The Creation’s sporadic creation of art during the instrumental break of “Painter Man.” The concept of action painting is associated strongly with the abstract expressionist movement and gained a prominence in the 1940s that it maintained until the early 60s. Harold Rosenberg, a writer and art critic at the time, described a shift in how art is created – instead of being a place for objects to be expressed, a canvas was an arena. Rather than creating art with an intended outcome, the process of creating art was the focus and the resulting image arose from this encounter of artist and canvas.

Connecting The Creation to this artistic movement brings to the forefront the band’s animated sound, emphasizing the movement of its songs and the band’s visual art creations. “Action Painting” compiles remastered versions of the band’s entire studio recorded discography, giving new life to a band that was full of potential but came shy of massive commercial success.

In The Box

  • The ultimate 2 LP ‘Action Painting’ comp of Creation recordings ’66-’68 from Numero Group
  • Include The Creation History Book with rare photos, band essays and more
  • Keepers ROADMAP featuring Creation influencers and disciples alike

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  1. Making Time
  2. Hurt Me If You Will
  3. I’m Leaving
  4. Work All Day (Sleep All Night)
  5. Going Down Fast
  6. Try And Stop Me


  1. Painter Man
  2. Life Is Just Beginning
  3. The Girls Are Naked
  4. Bonie Maronie
  5. Uncle Bert
  6. Biff, Bang, Pow (stereo)


  1. How Does It Feel To Feel (US version – stereo)
  2. For All That I Am (stereo)
  3. Can I Join Your Band (stereo)
  4. Through My Eyes (stereo)
  5. Nightmares (stereo)
  6. Sweet Helen


  1. If I Stay Too Long (stereo)
  2. Tom Tom (stereo)
  3. Midway Down (stereo)
  4. I Am The Walker (stereo)
  5. Ostrich Man
  6. How Does It Feel To Feel (UK version – stereo)
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September 2017: Willie Nelson “And Then I Wrote”

Aug 22, 2017


It took Willie Nelson a couple years to find his footing in the songwriting world. After moving to Nashville in 1960, searching for a label to sign him, Nelson ended up joining ranks in the publishing company, Pamper Music. Following Faron Young’s rendition of Nelson’s “Hello Walls”, other original compositions began to get picked up by other artists, including Roy Orbison (“Pretty Paper”), Billy Walker (“Funny How Time Slips Away”) and of course Patsy Cline’s cut of “Crazy”.

By mid-August 1961 Nelson had signed with Liberty Records and began taking these songs of his into the studio for his own record. …And Then I Wrote is a round up of 12 of his most famous songs of the time, tracked during the late summer of 1961 in Nashville and Los Angeles.

We are so excited to spotlight this excellent reissue from Jackpot Records, putting back into print one of the all time greats’ debut fit for every music lover’s collection.

Learn More about this month’s vinyl.


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Win a Signed Coco Hames Test Pressing!

Mar 28, 2017

Coco Giveaway

Coco Hames’ solo debut is the Keepers vinyl of the month for April 2017. To celebrate the release, we are giving away this signed Coco Hames test pressing along with a prize pack of Merge Records and goodies!

The Prize

  • Coco Hames test pressing signed by Coco Hames
  • Merge slipmat (design by A Giant Dog)
  • Merge knit cap
  • Various Merge roster pins, buttons and stickers

How to Enter

Sign up for Keepers Email Updates here and be automatically entered in:

The Winner

A winner will be chosen at random on April 11th to win the whole dang thing. We’ll send an email out announcing the winner when the time comes. Simple as that.

4/11 Update: Congratulations to Brian C. in North Carolina who won the test pressing and prize pack!

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Spotlight: Coco Hames

Mar 24, 2017


Coco Hames: songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, collaborator, band leader.

Best known as frontwoman for the LA-based garage-pop combo The Ettes, Hames along with her group released five critically-acclaimed records, leaving a lasting impression on the underground scene of the aughts.

Following a breakup of the band in 2011, Hames, now relocated to Nashville, shifted her focus away from music for a time, though not entirely. In the in-between then and now time, her songs found their way onto the soundtracks for ABC’s Nashville and Disney’s Wander Over Yonder. In early 2011 Hames and Greg Cartwright paired up as The Parting Gifts for Strychnine Dandelion. And in 2015 Hames joined the touring line-up of the New Pornographers in support of their release Brill Bruisers.

A year later in the summer of 2016 Hames began working on her solo debut, back in Nashville with album co-producer Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Hurray for the Riff Raff) and enlisting some of her longtime friends, including Jack Lawrence, Julian Dorio, Dave Amels, and Adam Meisterhans.

“Working with a totally different crew of players with no limits… it was like a dream,” says Hames. “Or something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory—I was able to let my imagination totally run wild. Anything I wanted, we could do… and we did.”

In addition to Coco Hames as the record of the month, Hames will share with us her top influences, the records that have influenced her sound and the ones she holds dear.

Join Keepers today to receive Coco Hames on limited edition opaque green vinyl along with a roadmap filled with the albums that inspire Coco.


The Ettes

The Parting Gifts

On Tour with The New Pornographers

Coco Hames

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April 2017: Coco Hames Self-titled Solo Debut

Mar 20, 2017


“I grew up listening to ’60s pop like Dusty Springfield, but also classic country music, like Patsy Cline, and things that bridged both worlds, like Bobbie Gentry…With this record, the end result doesn’t fit into any one category. Which is an exciting thing to me.”

Coco Hames self-titled solo debut is our vinyl for April

You know her as the frontwoman of The Ettes and now Coco Hames has at long last completed her debut solo record, coming out at the end of this month on Merge Records.

Co-producing at the Bomb Shelter in Nashville with Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Hurray for the Riff Raff), Hames got out of her comfort zone. “It was this massive leap of faith for me…After being in a band for so long, this time I was on my own—no gang to hide behind or fall back on.”

Guesting on the record, a veritable powerhouse of Nashville secret weapons including Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs), Julian Dorio (The Whigs), Adam Meisterhans (The Weight), Dave Amels (Reigning Sound), and vocalists Carey Kotsionis (Bobby Bare, Jr.) and Lillie Mae Rische (Jack White).

More info on this month’s vinyl.

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