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March 2016: Daniel Pujol on Lust For Life

Feb 17, 2016

Lust for Life

Recorded over the span of eight days in Berlin at the Hansa studio in 1977, Lust for Life was the second solo record by Iggy Pop and his second collaboration with Davie Bowie as producer.

Seen generally as more of an Iggy Pop record than the heavily Bowie-influenced The Idiot (released earlier that year), Lust for Life is the product of Iggy’s lack of sleep having stated “See, Bowie’s a hell of a fast guy…. I realized I had to be quicker than him, otherwise whose album was it gonna be?”

Iggy’s most successful commercial release to date, Lust For Life was packed with his rock ‘n’ roll styling including timeless tracks, “Lust for Life”, “The Passenger”, “Success” and…let’s be honest: the entire record!

Daniel Pujol presents this Iggy classic for our March record with liners reflecting on its personal impact and the unique being among us mere mortals Iggy Pop.

Also spotlighted this month is Pujol’s newly release EP Kisses, an arrangement of new songs mixed with poems by Pujol spoken over incredible rock arrangements, all segued and sequenced into one of the most cohesive EPs this author has heard.

Sign up by March 15th for your vinyl of Lust for Life and Pujol’s liners!

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Rotating Scenery: A Playlist for February

Feb 2, 2016


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January Rotation: A Playlist

Jan 20, 2016

Submitted for the approval of the midnight society…

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February 2016: Justin Kinkel-Schuster on "What Comes After The Blues"

Jan 15, 2016
Released in 2005 on Secretly Canadian

Released in 2005 on Secretly Canadian

Curator: Justin Kinkel-Schuster (Water Liars)
Vinyl: Magnolia Electric Co.’s What Comes After The Blues
In The Box:
What Comes After The Blues Vinyl
Exclusive liners by Justin Kinkel-Schuster
– Inner sleeve with full album lyrics
– High-Quality digital download code

On to February!

The prolific Justin Kinkel-Schuster brings us Magnolia Electric Co.’s 2005 full-length studio debut, What Comes After The Blues. Kinkel-Schuster leads the Mississippi band Water Liars alongside drummer/multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bryant and bassist GR Robinson.

About the Water Liars William Boyle writes: “If you haven’t listened to Water Liars, let the music be your introduction. Is it important to know that Bryant is from Mississippi and Kinkel-Schuster is from Arkansas, that they’re shaped by the writers whose influence shines through in everything they make – Frank Stanford and Barry Hannah especially – and that their pain is the pain of the wretched and beautiful South? Sure, and it’s all there in the songs.” On their self-titled third LP, Water Liars “strut into this effort with their feathers out, driven by a need to create….”

For February Kinkel-Schuster brings a fresh and personal perspective on the now decade-old What Comes…, perfect for those unfamiliar and a fitting reason to listen anew for those who are.

What Comes... is the culmination of songs written during Magnolia Electric Co.’s extensive 2003 tour across Europe and the U.S., recorded live-in-the-studio by Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio studio in Chicago. Here Molina’s lonesome compositions are fully realized with the tried and tested MEC backing band. One of Molina’s more underrated works, What Comes… is a treasure of a record, with new glimmers to catch with each repeat listen.

Sign up by February 1st to receive What Comes After The Blues with Justin’s exclusive liners.

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January 2016: Kishi Bashi on "Barr Brothers"

Dec 15, 2015

Curator: Kishi Bashi
Record: The Barr Brothers – The Barr Brothers
In The Box:
The Barr Brothers Double Vinyl LP
– Exclusive liners by Kishi Bashi
Member Store Add-ons:
– Kishi Bashi’s String Quartet Live! LP
– More specially priced vinyl by past curators
– Surprise Kishi Bashi 7″ Singles*


Month 3!

So far we have had a jam bassist on his cowpunk eureka moment and an eclectic indie guitarist give the perfect intro to a jazz pioneer. Now to kick off 2016 we have the amazing and wonderfully talented Kishi Bashi present a record by one of his contemporaries and one-time tour-mate, The Barr Brothers, with their 2011 self-titled debut.

I was first introduced to Kishi Bashi and his music as he was putting the finishing touches on the gorgeously composed 151a. At the time I was assisting at Chase Park Transduction which allowed me to be a fly-on-the-wall for many of the incredible sessions there, with his being no exception. I was absolutely blown away from the first moment I heard “Manchester” on playback. To be more to the point, it is an extreme pleasure to have K curate a month and share his love for the music of The Barr Brothers with you.

The Barr Brothers is a folk quartet hailing from Montreal made up of the brothers Barr, Andrew and Brad (formerly of The Slip), Sarah Page and Andres Vial. Their 2011 debut is a overall soft and well-rounded collection of songs with electric flourishes, drones and blues and jazz elements woven together to make a record fit for many moods and settings.

* As an extra treat this month we will be randomly choosing three shipments to include a copy of one of three Kishi Bashi 7″ singles! Whose will they be? You’ll have to check your package to find out!

Just added to the member store: We have Kishi Bashi’s newly released String Quartet Live!. Recorded live and performed by K and an accompanying string ensemble, it includes live versions of songs from both his studio releases, plus a gorgeous cover of The Talking Heads’ “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)”.
String Quartet Live!

Sign up by January 4th to receive your copy of The Barr Brothers coupled with Kishi Bashi’s exclusive liner notes. New to Keepers? Check out How it Works!


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December Extension!

Dec 2, 2015

This month’s record and liners are being readied for next weeks ship out, but there are still a few spots left for December. Sign up by Friday 12/4 to snag your copy! William Tyler has written an amazing intro to the music of Sonny Sharrock, and Black Woman is the perfect place to start.

Learn more about this month’s release.

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