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Artist: Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

Album: Soul Of A Woman

Notable Reissue:


Artist: The Zombies

Album: Odessey & Oracle



Artist: Gunn-Truscinski Duo

Album: Bay Head

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Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Soul Of A Woman

We ran into each other on the road in various continents and talked about the recordings. I guess it wasn’t till i had another tour booked for the following summer in Australia that we thought we should record as much as we can, no major goal to make it a full length but it came together that way because the vibe was so strong. I love working with Courtney, the collaboration was laid back with less pressure. - Kurt Vile

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings' final studio album, Soul of a Woman is a lush, orchestral masterpiece. A true testament to the life and career of Daptone's fearless leader and one of the world's greatest performers. In the year prior to her death from pancreatic cancer in 2016, Sharon Jones toured and performed tirelessly, and was also the subject of Miss Sharon Jones!, an acclaimed documentary by Oscar-Winning director Barbara Kopple. Yet somehow, the beloved and heroic soul singer found time to complete a studio album. Soul of a Woman features eleven songs which reveal that the emotion, dynamics, and drama of Jones' voice remained at full power until her final days.

The songs on Soul Of A Woman exemplify two distinct sides of the band's sound. Side One showcases the grittier, bluesier material like "Matter Of Time" and "Sail On" giving Sharon the room to flex her vocal prowess, creating a "liveness" that few studio albums posses.  Side Two takes on a more sophisticated orchestral mood. Tracks like "When I Saw Your Face" and "These Tears (No Longer For You)," capture a soft vulnerability in Sharon's vocals that draws you deep inside, and yet they remain nuanced with the signature toughness that never allow you to forget she's steering the ship. The finished product is an album that captures a band and a singer at their peak.  Includes download card.

  • Matter of TIme
  • Sail On!
  • Just Give Me Your Time
  • Come and Be a Winner
  • Rumors
  • Pass Me By
  • Searching For a New Day
  • These Tears (No Longer For You)
  • When I Saw Your Face
  • Girl! (You Got To Forgive Him)
  • Call On God

The Zombies
Odessey & Oracle


Side A

  1. Care of Cell 44
  2. A Rose For Emily
  3. Maybe After He's Gone
  4. Beechwood Park
  5. Brief Candles
  6. Hung Up On A Dream

Side B

  1. Changes
  2. I Want Her, She Wants Me
  3. This Will Be Our Year
  4. Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)
  5. Friends of Mine
  6. Time of the Season

Gunn-Truscinski Duo
Bay Head

It’s an anomaly to make a record created out of the pleasure and desire of simply making music together. A record with no commercial aspirational location. The new duo record from John Truscinski (drums, synths) and Steve Gunn (guitars), "Bay Head", makes it look easy, carving out a space where none existed before with assurance, resonating beautiful along the way.

If I were forced to put what John and Steve play into a genre I would simply call it “music.” There’s a quality of timelessness to it without being nostalgic that is impossible to manufacture. It comes from their years of playing together based on a formula of chemistry. Bands are fragile ecosystems. The best ones have a melding that results in a musicality that otherwise can’t be found in a melody or lyric, or an effect pedal. While "Bay Head" is the third record the duo has recorded together, John has played drums and helped shape the songs and the sound on all Steve’s more song-configured albums. Their bond is tight, unique, and effective.

As an instrumental record "Bay Head" has no literal voice. It doesn’t need it, as the constant flow between the drums and guitar describe fully and without a narrator. Steve’s guitar leads you along a contemplative path that describes an inner monologue that is more expressive than if there were words. Some of the guitar parts are worked out and then set free, improvised in the playing. But it’s hard to tell. It all sounds deliberate. "Bay Head" is the accumulation of the duo’s years of playing music together where each can guess where the other is going to go next. The cover collage by their longtime friend Bill Nace reflects what is both abstract and figurative about this unique musical collaboration.

As I drink my morning coffee, I use the Gunn-Truscinski Duo's records as a way to make my way into the day. As I am writing, answering email and the like, I find that the spirit of their music matches the gentle light and morning coolness that breeds inspiring thoughts before the LA sun blasts it all away and the day’s minutiae take over. Basically, "Bay Head" is great music to procrastinate to!

-Kim Gordon, Los Angeles, August 2017


Side A

  1. Road Bells
  2. Seagull For Chuck Berry
  3. Quiet Storm (Taksim III)
  4. Sugar
  5. EIP
  6. Shell

Side B

  1. Some Lunar Day
  2. Flood and Fire
  3. Gunter
  4. Coral

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