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"Long before selling over 40 million records and before he sang a note, Willie Nelson started his career as a songwriter/hit maker"

Willie Nelson - ...And Then I Wrote


About Willie Nelson

Reissued from the original master tapes for the first time on vinyl, Willie Nelson’s debut “…And Then I Wrote” (originally released in 1962), “debuted Nelson’s unique vocal stylings to the world. Featuring all regional composition including the legendary ‘Crazy’, ‘Touch Me’ & ‘Hello Walls’.

Jackpot Records has released this beacon of songwriting perfection on glimmering indigo colored vinyl and we are over the moon to select it as our September record of the month.

Listen to "Crazy"

Listen to "Touch Me"

It took Willie Nelson a couple years to find his footing in the songwriting world. After moving to Nashville in 1960, searching for a label to sign him, Nelson ended up joining ranks in the publishing company, Pamper Music. Following Faron Young’s rendition of Nelson’s “Hello Walls”, other original compositions began to get picked up by other artists, including Roy Orbison (“Pretty Paper”), Billy Walker (“Funny How Time Slips Away”) and of course Patsy Cline’s cut of “Crazy”.

By mid-August 1961 Nelson had signed with Liberty Records and began taking these songs of his into the studio for his own record. …And Then I Wrote is a round up of 12 of his most famous songs of the time, tracked during the late summer of 1961 in Nashville and Los Angeles.

We are so excited to spotlight this excellent reissue from Jackpot Records, putting back into print one of the all time greats’ debut fit for every music lover’s collection.


Side A

  1. Touch Me
  2. Wake Me When It's Over
  3. Hello Walls
  4. Funny How Times Slips Away
  5. Crazy
  6. Mr Record Man


  1. Where My House Lives
  2. The Part Where I Cry
  3. Darkness On The Face Ff The Earth
  4. One Step Beyond
  5. Undo The Right
  6. Three Days

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