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Win a Signed Coco Hames Test Pressing!

Mar 28, 2017

Coco Giveaway

Coco Hames’ solo debut is the Keepers vinyl of the month for April 2017. To celebrate the release, we are giving away this signed Coco Hames test pressing along with a prize pack of Merge Records and goodies!

The Prize

  • Coco Hames test pressing signed by Coco Hames
  • Merge slipmat (design by A Giant Dog)
  • Merge knit cap
  • Various Merge roster pins, buttons and stickers

How to Enter

Sign up for Keepers Email Updates here and be automatically entered in:

The Winner

A winner will be chosen at random on April 11th to win the whole dang thing. We’ll send an email out announcing the winner when the time comes. Simple as that.

4/11 Update: Congratulations to Brian C. in North Carolina who won the test pressing and prize pack!

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Spotlight: Coco Hames

Mar 24, 2017


Coco Hames: songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, collaborator, band leader.

Best known as frontwoman for the LA-based garage-pop combo The Ettes, Hames along with her group released five critically-acclaimed records, leaving a lasting impression on the underground scene of the aughts.

Following a breakup of the band in 2011, Hames, now relocated to Nashville, shifted her focus away from music for a time, though not entirely. In the in-between then and now time, her songs found their way onto the soundtracks for ABC’s Nashville and Disney’s Wander Over Yonder. In early 2011 Hames and Greg Cartwright paired up as The Parting Gifts for Strychnine Dandelion. And in 2015 Hames joined the touring line-up of the New Pornographers in support of their release Brill Bruisers.

A year later in the summer of 2016 Hames began working on her solo debut, back in Nashville with album co-producer Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Hurray for the Riff Raff) and enlisting some of her longtime friends, including Jack Lawrence, Julian Dorio, Dave Amels, and Adam Meisterhans.

“Working with a totally different crew of players with no limits… it was like a dream,” says Hames. “Or something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory—I was able to let my imagination totally run wild. Anything I wanted, we could do… and we did.”

In addition to Coco Hames as the record of the month, Hames will share with us her top influences, the records that have influenced her sound and the ones she holds dear.

Join Keepers today to receive Coco Hames on limited edition opaque green vinyl along with a roadmap filled with the albums that inspire Coco.


The Ettes

The Parting Gifts

On Tour with The New Pornographers

Coco Hames

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April 2017: Coco Hames Self-titled Solo Debut

Mar 20, 2017


“I grew up listening to ’60s pop like Dusty Springfield, but also classic country music, like Patsy Cline, and things that bridged both worlds, like Bobbie Gentry…With this record, the end result doesn’t fit into any one category. Which is an exciting thing to me.”

Coco Hames self-titled solo debut is our vinyl for April

You know her as the frontwoman of The Ettes and now Coco Hames has at long last completed her debut solo record, coming out at the end of this month on Merge Records.

Co-producing at the Bomb Shelter in Nashville with Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Hurray for the Riff Raff), Hames got out of her comfort zone. “It was this massive leap of faith for me…After being in a band for so long, this time I was on my own—no gang to hide behind or fall back on.”

Guesting on the record, a veritable powerhouse of Nashville secret weapons including Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs), Julian Dorio (The Whigs), Adam Meisterhans (The Weight), Dave Amels (Reigning Sound), and vocalists Carey Kotsionis (Bobby Bare, Jr.) and Lillie Mae Rische (Jack White).

More info on this month’s vinyl.

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March 2017: Marisa Anderson + “Liege & Lief”

Feb 21, 2017

Liege & Lief

Curator: Marisa Anderson
Vinyl: Fairport Convention – Liege & Lief

Masterful guitarist and boundary-stretching composer Marisa Anderson curates March with Fairport Convention’s 1969 Liege & Lief.

“I was years away from playing electric guitar, and couldn’t completely relate to all of the song treatments, but I recognized the excitement of finding new ways to present ancient material, and Sandy Denny’s vocals combined with fiddle tunes and haunting story songs drew me in.”
– Marisa Anderson (liners excerpt)

Learn more about this month’s vinyl.

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February 2017: Aaron Lee Tasjan on Elizabeth Cook’s “Exodus of Venus”

Jan 23, 2017

East Nashville’s Aaron Lee Tasjan takes over this month, selecting fellow Nashvillian Elizabeth Cook’s deep and resolute 2016 release, Exodus of Venus.

“We’re going from Little Feat to REM, then put Appalachian harmonies on it. It’s all funky grooves with dark guitars, burning guitars. People were tweeting me, ‘Are you keeping it country?’ And the truth is: No, I’m keeping it real. Not to a genre, but to what these songs are.” – Elizabeth Cook

Elizabeth Cook - Exodus of Venus

Curator: Aaron Lee Tasjan
Record: Elizabeth Cook – Exodus of Venus

Side A

  1. Exodus of Venus
  2. Dyin’
  3. Evacuation
  4. Dharma Gate
  5. Slow Pain

Side B

  1. Straightjacket Love
  2. Broke Down in London on the M25
  3. Methadone Blues
  4. Cutting Diamonds
  5. Orange Blossom Trail
  6. Tabitha Tuder’s Mama

More on our February Curator and Record

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January 2017: T. Hardy Morris curates Neil Young’s “On The Beach”

Dec 19, 2016

For January we stay embedded in the Georgia music scene, the heart and soul of which is perfectly embodied in the music of T. Hardy Morris. When he isn’t fronting Hardy & The Hardknocks or Dead Confederate, Morris preaches the gospel of Neil Young’s mid-70s discography. And for January he honors us with his words on 1974’s On The Beach.

On The Beach

Side A

  1. Walk On
  2. See The Sky About To Rain
  3. Revolution Blues
  4. For The Turnstiles
  5. Vampire Blues

Side B

  1. On The Beach
  2. Motion Pictures
  3. Ambulance Blues

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Add on T. Hardy Morris’ latest, Drownin’ On A Mountaintop to your January box.

About T. Hardy Morris

T. Hardy Morris

T. Hardy Morris

From Drownin’ On A Mountaintop Album Notes By Patterson Hood, April 2015

Like ideas, the best songs are the simple ones. And like most simple ideas, they’re usually far more complex upon further examination than they seem at first.

So many young songwriters start off looking for the most complex way possible to examine a simple truth. Perhaps to seem smarter, or more “mature”. The better songwriters learn – hopefully before too much embarrassment – that the complex thought simply put is the key to a great song. Distilling that subtle truth down to its very essence and expressing it in a way that cuts through the bullshit and takes the listener by the heart into the depths of the intended emotion.

I caught the line on about my third listen, busy as I was doing things around the house while the new album played loud in the next room. I’ve known Hardy a while. His long running band Dead Confederate played some of their earliest shows opening for Drive-By Truckers several years ago. I always liked them but probably didn’t delve deep enough into what they were doing to listen closely to the songs. That all changed when Hardy was about to release his debut solo album (2013’s fantastic Audition Tapes) and I saw him play a couple of times around Athens. I was immediately blown away. Every time I’d see or hear him, I’d hear something new. Great songs keep getting better the more you listen to them.

Which leads us to the new one, Hardy & The Hardknocks: Drownin’ On A Mountaintop. If Hardy’s solo debut was a high and lonesome mellow-roast with musical touchstones like Harvest-era Neil Young and driving down a windy back road alone, the new one blasts out of the garage like some high-octane muscle car full of friends, blasting Mott The Hoople on the way to the last-call dive bar. It has it’s very own sound, but hits me in the same places as my favorite Replacements albums – stripped down and raw, yet sonically thrilling.

The music is propelled by The Hardknocks. Vaughan Lamb and Nick Sterchi are a rock solid rhythm section, pushing it forward while never over-playing or detracting. That rare thing known as A songwriter’s rhythm section. Serious praise has to go to Hardy’s long time pedal steel player. Matt “Pistol” Stoessel, a veteran of Athens GA’s incredible music scene for many years. Pistol really shines in this band, providing both a melodic counter-point to Hardy’s formidable melodies and serving as the glue that holds all the elements together. The album all manages to be stripped down and raw yet sonically thrilling.

All of which leads me back to where I started, the wonderful last song on the album where the beat drops down to a slow waltz and the pedal steel swirls and the leading man sings…

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